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  • The pied kingfisher (Ceryle rudis)

    The pied kingfisher (Ceryle rudis)

  • The pied kingfisher (Ceryle rudis)



    Embarking on a birding adventure to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary recently, I found myself in avian heaven, surrounded by a fluttering kaleidoscope of feathers. Among the myriad feathered residents, my attention was hijacked by none other than the Pied Kingfisher, a maestro of the waters.


    As I approached the lake in front of the Keoladev Temple, my senses were instantly serenaded by the unmistakable rattling call of the Pied Kingfisher. There it was, perched regally on a branch, its distinctive black and white plumage gleaming in the sunlight. I set up my camera, eager to capture the avian acrobat in action.


    The Pied Kingfisher, seemingly aware of its captive audience (me), began a mesmerizing routine. It surveyed the water below with an air of nonchalance, only to suddenly transform into a feathered missile as it hovered over the water surface. It was a sight to behold – the avian equivalent of a superhero in action, cape replaced by elegant wings.


    The dive was executed with precision, a swift plunge that defied the laws of physics. The splash echoed through the serene surroundings as the Pied Kingfisher emerged victorious, a silvery fish securely clasped in its beak. With the finesse of a sushi chef, it returned to its original perch, perhaps to savour the triumph or to flaunt the catch to an imaginary feathered audience.


    In between clicks and chuckles, I realized that I wasn't merely observing a bird; I was witnessing a natural artist with feathers. The Pied Kingfisher had turned a routine fishing expedition into a captivating performance, leaving me in awe of its skills and thoroughly entertained by its avian theatrics.


    As the day unfolded, the Pied Kingfisher continued its aquatic ballet, providing a dose of humour and wonder. With a memory card full of images and a heart full of amusement, I left the sanctuary, grateful for the feathered escapade that turned a simple birding day into a comedy of wings and water.




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