SURFEIT... is it not?

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    28 Mar-23|Neeraj Garg

    SURFEIT... is it not?

    SURFEIT... is it not


    Please check the video on the link given at the end of this article. This video moved me and strengthened my belief about following those principles that I have! 

    This video was shot on a island which is about 2000 kms away from the closest civilization and yet... see it to beleive what we are doing.

    This is not only about not throwing things in the sea. Its everywhere!! 

    I always tell my kids and whoever wants to listen to me that we shall not indulge in capitalism to such an extent that we go overboard. GDP, inflation and other such things are fine, but not at the cost of our planet.

    So many of us are indulged in vulgar display of our wealth and gadgetry, without even realizing what we are doing. Many of my friends change their gadgets at a breakneck speed just to remain cool in the eyes of society. Some of my friends have about half dozen perfectly working mobile phones in their drawers somewhere, which they stopped using within few months of purchase as they 'upgraded' to a new device!

    Do we ever realize what impact does it have on our mother planet... when we purchase a simple cotton shirt, even it has an adverse impact on the earth. We use hybrid (read genetically modified) cotton seeds for better yield, not to mention the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides liberally. Then when the cotton is yielded, it is send to a big factory, where gallons of water, chemicals, plastic, paper and loads of electricity is used in its curing, bleaching, dyeing, spinning, weaving, ironing, folding, packing and then transferring it to market, advertising it, printing material handling details, sale invoice and so on. When we buy it, by that time, this simple cotton (so called eco-friendly) shirt has left carbon footprint large enough to take about 10 years to heal. (A rough estimate) The impact of pollution of fertilizers, pesticides, electricity generation, transport, plastic and paper used will take much - much longer to heal (it will not heal at-least in our life time).

    Friends, we can be as cultured, sophisticated and educated with 8-10 shirts as we are with 24 in our closet. So next time when we buy anything which is not essential for our existence, we shall wait for a minute and rethink if we really need to leave such a big blot on our mother planet.

    Neeraj Garg

    Link for video


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