The objective is to capture the beauty of this planet in the purest form and create awarness around us to maintain and enhance the natural beauty!

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EXQUISITE ELEGANCEWild Life, Bossoms, Street, Nature


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AboutWild Life, Bossoms, Street, Nature, People, Monochrome

Born in 1968 in Northern India, I am Neeraj Garg, a dedicated wildlife photographer, naturalist, environmentalist, and explorer, with a profound passion for the environment, ecology, and the diverse wildlife inhabiting our planet, with a particular focus on the rich biodiversity of India.

In my professional life, I have served as a Civil Servant for over three decades, where I've been a diligent Tax Collector in the esteemed Government of India. My dedication and commitment have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the prestigious "ATI VISHISHT SEWA PADAK," also known as the "PRESIDENT'S MEDAL" in 2019, in honor of my "Specially Distinguished Record of Service" in my Civil Service Career. Alongside my exemplary service, I have garnered recognition for my love for photography through various commendations and published articles.

Beyond my professional life, I am also an ardent poet, writer, and an occasional sketch artist. Yet, at my core, I've always been a photographer, a wildlife enthusiast, and a devoted birder, and I have been capturing the beauty of our natural world for nearly four decades.

Through this humble website, I am delighted to share my lifelong passion and the stunning results of my photographic journey with you.