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  • The Amber Stare

  • The Amber Stare

    One morning in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, I was near the main water body in front of Temple when my Guide pointed towards a tree and told me that Indian Spotted Owl was living on this tree and I can try my luck. When I reached the tree and scanned it, at first I was not able to see any owl. After careful scanning, I realized that there was something under the bark sheet on a branch which ran parallel to the ground. To check it, I had to climb a big stone and on climbing it I found this owl having a siesta. There was no place for placing a tripod on the stone, so I took a couple clicks and waited sometime. After few minutes the owl opened its eyes and that’s when I clicked this picture. After posting for few clicks, the owl glared at me and retreated deeper into the hole and I also retreated.


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